The Secularisation of Ahl-e-Bait (AS)


secularisation ahlebait

You must’ve come across various sweet quotes these days claiming to be from Hazrat Ali, like “A friend in need is friend indeed”, “Friends and hopes go hand in hand”, “Love is the ultimate goal” and what not. Words so sugary that you may become diabetic! You’ll find songs and ghazals being sung in the name of Hussain and ‘Ali. Coke studio and “Sufi” singers have made a million-dollar industry out of these secular emotional glorifications. What’s even more interesting is that most of these are bordering on shirk and sometimes even openly un-Islamic. On another side of the spectrum, you witness Hussain being portrayed as a socialist, Fatima and Zainab as feminists and ‘Ali as a propagator of secular wisdom and love. In fact, don’t be surprised if you soon see people using quotes with his name for their illicit relationships like they have done with Maulana Rumi, the…

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‘Ruth’: A Tribute (Poetry Collection- ‘Wielding Words’, #1)

Poetry Collection- 'Wielding Words', #1 My tribute to Ruth, a revolutionary novel of the nineteenth century, written by the English novelist, Elizabeth Gaskell. Ruth is the story of an orphan named Ruth, a pretty, poor 16 year old who, unknowingly, gets into a passionate affair with a rich, young man, who is captivated by her beauty for a very short while and then leaves the girl to fend for herself with a child on the way.