I started a blog on Blogger three months ago, thinking I’d write all that moved me, irked me, made me sigh, cry or angry, in the form of poetry of course, but I’m not a writing machine. It just comes to me when it comes. I can’t push myself to write cause it never turns out good 😬

Besides, there are next to no visitors there. People have moved to more modern versions, I guess. I think my irregularity may also have had a role to play in it. Anyway, whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to be working out as I supposed.

And so, I’m here to start all over!

In case I didn’t introduce myself, my name is Amenah. I’m an Indian and I love to write (of course -_-). What’s so different about me, you ask? Well, I haven’t discovered that by now, either 😉 May be my works will put more light on that matter, which I will be posting as the days go by, Inn Sha Allaah (SWT).

I can’t promise to be regular but I do guarantee I won’t leave you hanging!

As to my username, it hasn’t much of a story to it. It’s just a tendency that I have when I get an idea I can’t rid myself of. I write and write and loose lots of ink until I’ve emptied my brain of it 😉

See you in the next post,



3 thoughts on “Ink on my fingertips

  1. I totally agree with the blogger thingy! I wasted a lot of time there as well. It’s mentioned in my about page as well. Also I can relate to the pushing myself to write thing as well. It should come naturally. I make little drafts and save little sentences in my phone whenever something comes in my mind. It’s easy that way.

    And welcome to wordpress, sister 🙂 I hope you’ll find lots of good readers here. 🙂 Have a good time 🙂

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    1. Seriously? I do exactly that!! I have soo many unfinished poems in my Evernote app that I think I’d never be able to complete them. (At least, not in this life xD )
      And JazakAllaah for your wishes, I hope I do too!

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